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Need ideas for slideshow songs!

We are going to have a slideshow at the wedding before we start.

What we are wanting to do is have pictures of the groom first: in his section it will be pictures of him as he was growing up through childhood,teenage years, and current pictures. I need ideas of song for his section. Some of the music he likes and we wanna go with are:

-Christian music (ex-like growing up, changing, and becoming a man, ect.)
-Country music (ex- same as above)

After his section we will have the Bride section, which will include pictures of me growing up and becoming an adult ect. Music I enjoy and would like to be in the slideshow are:

-Christian music ( ex.- growing up, changing, and becoming a lady, ect.)
-Country music (ex:same as above, and of course romantic/girly)
-I can also do any other genres as well

Then after that section we will have a section with just us as a couple in our dating stage. Which will be the best part!! Songs we are interrested in in this sections are:

-Christian- (ex. LOVE, and wedding.)
-Country -(ex. same as above)

please give me all your ideas, thanks guys, God bless

Re: Need ideas for slideshow songs!

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