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Hi Ladies!

I posted this on my local board but wanted to get more thoughts....
If you had a photobooth how many hours did you have it for and what time did you have it begin?  I really want to get one and I think to help wit the cost I am only going to have one for 2-3 hours but not sure if I should have at the beginning or the end of the reception just because I worry about people not being there for the first dance, speeches, etc. because they are busy at the booth.  Did anybody have that issue?

What do you think?
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Re: Photobooth?

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    edited December 2011
    I haven't had my reception yet, but I am having a photobooth.  It is $580 for 3 hours and includes unlimited prints and an attendant.  They are coming a little early to set up and have everything ready in time for the reception to start.

    I'm not concerned about people missing the first dance, toasts, etc., because I figure that they'll pay attention to what is important to them.  However, if it was really important to you that people not be goofing around during this time, you could ask the attendant to not allow people in the booth for those certain times.
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