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Our friend is a professional photographer and will be traveling with us to our destination wedding in July.  He isn't charging us for the photos, but we are paying for his travel, lodging, and per diems.  I would assume that in a normal situation a photographer would put a per diem in his/her proposal.  I know that if I ask our friend what he thinks is fair, he will tell me "Oh, whatever is fine"  any thoughts on what is appropriate?

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    when i travel for work i get $50 a day in the country's currency that i'm in. but i find that actually low. i hear from colleages that per diem is usually between $50-$75 a day.
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    At my work out per diem is $45 a day.
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    Same boat. I'm basically going to say that I can afford to give him X amount per day, or he can just tag around with us (he's my oldest friend, so this isn't weird) and I'll just cover costs for food myself.
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    $50 a day in a resort town can be very low or high depending on where you are going and what accomodations you have. Are you at an All-Inclusive then you might not even need that. If you are staying in a high end hotel that has nothing included then it may barely cover breakfast and lunch.
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