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location ideas for bridal portraits

Hey girls!
I just scheduled my bridal portraits and I'm having a hard time brainstorming a location/a couple of locations to take them.
I live in the Orlando area - if that helps.

I don't mind going outside - I just don't want to get it dirty, obviously - its nto a trash the dress session yet, haha.

I would prefer to not go in any woodsy areas - ya know.

And because it will be in mid July, my photographer suggested we choose at least one indoor location because its pretty apt to rain.

Does anyone have any general ideas???

I wanted to get take them inside one of the Disney hotels - but they said no.
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Re: location ideas for bridal portraits

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    ask your photographer!  chances are, they've been just about everywhere, and can come up with some good ideas.  Also, they may have permits that allow them to get into locations that would normally turn you down.
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