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Bella Pictures Do or Don't???? realy need advice

I am getting ready to book my photographer and videographer and Bella is giving me a great deal. I have heard mixed reviews and I am not sure if I should bok them. Please let me know if you have used them or anyone you know has and if they are worth it.


Re: Bella Pictures Do or Don't???? realy need advice

  • roseygbroseygb member
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    I've only heard bad things about Bella. These big companies have a way of burying bad reviews but if you just look on Wedding Wire and sort lowest reviews to highest, there are pages and pages of horror stories. I feel like it's impossible to have quality control in a nationwide company like that - you're basically hiring Sears Portrait Studio to shoot your wedding. From what I understand companies like Bella and The Pros contract out "photographers" from wherever, pay them much less than they charge you, and pocket the difference. Do you really want to hire a photographer who can't book clients on their own or aren't invested in shooting weddings full time? I'm sure there are some good photographers but I wouldn't chance it with something that important. I see you're from DC - try looking for photographers and videographers outside DC and you'll probably find much lower rates - look in VA and surrounding states.
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    Most brides are not fans of national companies like Bella and The Pros.  You will be spending alot of time with your photographer and I personally feel it is better that you get to know someone and who understands your vision rather than have a complete stranger show up on your wedding day.  Your local board if it is active should be a great source for a local recommendation. Wedding Wire is another great source also.
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    I think like any national chain, it can depend on your specific area and who you get.  For instance, all I've heard are horror stories about david's bridal and I have had nothing but good experiences with them!  Also I think it depends how much pictures matter to you and the level of risk your willing to take and how much you want to spend.  For me personally, for a photographer I wouldn't want to take the risk.  But I used a similar national chain for our DJ.  I haven't had my wedding yet to review them, but music is less important to me than pictures.  A friend of mine used that Pros group and they were fantastic.  They do offer a great deal though.  I would try to find some reviews from people in your region that have used them and go from there.
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    I had a really bad experience with Bella. First they got my wedding date wrong and every time they assigned me a new photographer the person either cancels or misses the meeting. Since I had absolutely no faith in the comapny I had to hire someone else unrelated to Bella.
    To make a long story short I still had to honor Bella's contract and pay extra for a new photographer. The Bella photographer came in heels - definitely not ready to get down to do her work. I am  sure she is NOT a professional photographer because her work was pretty awful.
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