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Toss up between photographers...

Okay... I am really torn about which photog to use for our outdoor wedding next October. I REALLY like the photos from this guy, Jon Morton, but he costs around $3k for only wedding day coverage, no e-session.

The other person I am considering is about HALF the price at $1.5k. Her photos are OKAY but her prices include all day wedding coverage and an e-session.

My question is, what do you really look for in a photographer and at what cost should they come to the rest of the wedding? Our budget for the entire wedding is about $10k... Thank you!

Re: Toss up between photographers...

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    make sure you recieve the rights to your photos- ths way you will beable to print them anywhere, even create your own album!!! good luck! We used and we loved them!
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    The dress you wear once, the food is eaten and then gone...the photos are the one thing about the whole process that lasts.  I think it i money well spent.  I looked at both, and were I gong just by photos that speak to me...I like the second one.

    Make sure you get rights to them!
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    yes, both photographers include all rights on a CD. Another reason I am so conflicted... =/
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    I'm not sure how many photographers you've looked at, but I would keep looking. I definitely agree that you should spend more on getting great pictures, but my photographer is PHENOMENAL and I was able to get him under budget because I kept looking.

    As for these two photographers, everyone has a different style of photography that I prefer, I do prefer the first photog, but the style of photography is different from the second photog.
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    Our photographer is really important to us, but as we looked through various portfolios online, honestly, we didn't see a significant difference in quality between a $1500 photographer and a $3000 photographer.  I think a lot of it is just based on experience and the brand they have built for themselves.  It doesn't mean the person who has been doing it for 6 years vs 12 is any less qualified though.  Our total wedding budget is the same as yours and we are likely going with the $1500 one.
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    i would go with the photos you love. you don't want regrets when you look back on your pictures. you only get one chance to get it right. go with your gut. 
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    With so many photograhpers to pick from these days, there's no reason not to keep looking.

    That said, what you're really talking about is quality vs quantity.  Only you know which is more important to you.  For me, I wanted quality.  We're only going with a single photographer and an assistant for that reason.  An assistant is included in the standard price but it would have been a $500 upgrade to add a second photographer.  That would have nearly doubled our total images, but as our photographer told us, his assistant helps him produce better images by helping with lighting, etc.  I'd rather have 500 beautiful images than 1,000 okay ones.

    But everyone is different; you need to come to your own answer.
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