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Approximately how many photos did you get from your photographer?

Just trying to gauge what is the norm.  My photographer says she takes 65-85 images an hour, so I would get about 550.  I am also getting package with a second shooter, so I should get at least another 300 photos I think.

Re: Approximately how many photos did you get from your photographer?

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    well it all depends. If you have more than 150 guests than you will get more images also if you are doing garter toss/ money dance than you will get even more. Ofcourse all images are not going to be quality images if you get 600 images for instance you may get like 15 or so of the first kiss and 50 or so of the first dance etc. Take a look at all the images from a wedding that your photographer did that way you can see wha tkind of shots you will get in 500 some images.
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    My photographer shot our wedding by herself but she carried 3 cameras with her and she shot a little over 3,000 pictures. It was overwhelming, having that many pictures to go through.
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    Quality over Quantity.

    The average should be between 50-100 per hour. Any more than that tends to be pointless and repetitive. Like the PP stated, 3000 is overwhelming. Most (not all) photographers that turn over that many photos use the "spray and pray" method just shooting everything and anything and prays they get good shots. A pro will carefully select and capture the true moments and put more effort into capturing a single amazing shot vs. 10 mediocre ones. Also, the photographer should be editing down their images to give you nothing but the best shots, not handing over 3000 shots to the couple. That is what they are paid for. 

    louisianablue: That sounds like an excellent number of final images. The number is high enough to cover the day, but low enough to not make your head spin.
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    Our photographer was there while I got ready, for 2 1/2 hours of photos before the ceremony, during the ceremony, cocktail hour and first 1/2 hour of the reception (when we cut the cake and had our first dance)... so a total of 6-7 hours.  We just got our CD a few weeks ago that had almost 1000 pictures on it.

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    Ours was there 8 hours, and we got 955 pictures. Just got our DVDs back with them all!
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    Our photogs were there for 14 hours, but not actively shooting all of it (included travel time between sites, eating, etc).  Active shooting time was maybe 10-11 hours.  We got 914 photos.
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    WE had our photographer for 6-7 hours, including pictures of us getting ready, the ceremony, portraits and some of the reception we got almost 600 pictures (he omitted bad ones and duplicates, which is typical - as a photographer, i do this as well)
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