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Wedding Photographers-Hawaii

My daughter was recently married in Maui.  Since they opted for a simple and very private ceremony; there were no family members or guests.  (Since I had eloped with her father 29 years ago; I totally understood her decision).  I told her I only had one request: PLEASE take pictures.  When her father and i were married; it was an unplanned romantic adventure and we actually FORGOT about pictures!!!  I still regret not having a single photo of that very special day.  So I begged her not to make the same mistake. I asked for pictures but I never expected these fabulous results. I was completely awestruck by the beautiful photography that Tad Craig performed for their simple yet elegant ceremony on the beach at sunset.
It was truly magnificent and magical!  Tad is a gifted artist and he is doing the Lord's work..he was born to be a photographer....And its obvious when you see his pictures.  He captures the magnificent beauty of the island as well as the romance and happiness radiating from the bride and the groom.  Now I have to select the pictures I want to buy and I want them all!!...I NEVER would have expected these results from someone that I did not know  That's how amazing this "artist" truly is. I guarantee you will love his work AND my daughter said he was very amiable,calm and organized....he knew exactly how to have them pose, when to smile, what to focus on, EVERY TINY DETAIL!  He is a perfectionist and I am amazed at how affordable his work is.  Trust me...this one is the best of the best!  Having been a professional makeup artist for years; I have seen my share of photographers.  When I was ordering some pictures, I spoke with him on the phone.  What a gentleman!  It was a pleasure just conversing with him.
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