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Date conflicts

My FI and I have set a date and have fallen in love with the day! October 30, 2010! However the photographer we wanted is already booked! She lives in TN but has family here in NE so the trip was no big deal for her. So do we sacrifice our date for our pictures to keep our date orsacrifice our pictures? Now keep in mind she is reeeeeeeaaaally good! 
I could find someone here in town that has similar style... Any ideas? Do you know of someone here in Lincoln, NE worth recommending?

Re: Date conflicts

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    there are a million wonderful photograhers out there.  why not even ask her to suggest someone she works with?  check your local board.  if you haven't booked anything else however, why not change the date.  no one is that in love with a day on a calendar.  it's just a day.
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