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Answering common concerns/questions about wedding video

My name is Eric Adam, and I am the owner of Micha-Angel Productions in San Antonio.  We provide both photography and video services.

I just wanted to submit a post for those brides who might be on the fence on whether or not to purchase professional video services.

In this tough economy, many couples have to face tough decisions on what services they want for their special day.

Video services are typically only purchased by about 30% of couples even when the economy is roaring.

We surveyed brides who got married in 2009 here in San Antonio, and received about 500 answered surveys.

Of the 350 brides (70%) who said they did not get video,  the #1 reason that brides gave for not getting video was “Budget Constraints.”

Ironically, some of these same brides had spent upwards of $3000 for just photography.

Now, before I go any further, this is not a “bash photography” post as we provide photography as well. I am just comparing what some will spend on photography.

90% (315 couples) who said that they didn’t purchase video said they now wish they would have obtained professional video services.

In today’s world of iPhones, Flip Cameras, and Best Buy selling small HD Cameras for under $1000, many couples choose to have a friend or some relative who may have a camera try and record their special day.

With all respect to these well-intentioned relatives or friends, this is not the best choice. Would you have a family member or friend make you wedding cake or floral arrangements, if they did not have the background or training? Also, do you want you friend or family member WORKING when they should be enjoying your day along with you?  
(Also, you want to prevent something like this:">

[No we didn’t do this, and the guy admits that he cut it this way on purpose.])

Now, granted, there are those family members that want to do these things (cake, flowers, etc) as a gift, and that is totally understandable, especially if they have a background in it.

Event Video/Filmmaking however is a relatively new field, and it changes regularly. Many couples feel that the video will be boring, and just straight footage, or just REALLY CHEESY.  That was true back in the 80’s & 90’s, but in today’s event video/filmmaking world it’s a completely different world.
Most of the people who think that they can just record it on a flipcam or iPhone don’t even consider the need for sound or wireless microphones or anything along those lines! Again: Good intentions, horrible results, and lost memories!

We videographers strive to make the wedding video as energetic and memorable as possible. One feature that we offer (and in San Antonio, we are the only one offering it) is called the “Same Day Edit.”

A Same Day Edit is a 3-5 minute highlight video of your day that covers from your prep through your first dance (maybe a little more depending). The main difference between this and typical a highlight video is that it is shown AT YOUR RECEPTION… in other words – the same day/night of your wedding. We still cover the rest the reception (cake, bouquet/garter, etc) – but this video is edited on site, and shown that night to music that the couple chooses.  

The couple also receives copies of this video that night, and depending on the company, the couple will also receive all the raw footage of the day. (My company does give all the raw footage)

So don’t underrate video. It is a priceless addition to your day. The cake will be eaten, the flowers will fade, even the pictures will not totally tell the story, or at least not with the energy that properly done video will.  

No matter where you are getting married, feel free to message me privately if you have any questions about wedding video.

God Bless you all in future.

 Eric Adam
Micha-Angel Productions
San Antonio, Texas

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