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We disagree on engagement photographer!

My fiance and I just started thinking about engagement photos. I have a photographer that will do the session, retouching, one framed 11x14 for us + 4 8x10 photos to send to the grandparents and parents  + enough to send in the wedding announcements for all for $300, plus a complete 25% discount on our wedding if we ask her to do it! I love how she edits her photos and I really love her style of photography. The moment I saw her pictures and knew she was affordable, I decided she was perfect for what I wanted. I pitched it to my fiance and his comeback was "my dad will do it for free, that's too expensive". His dad is just a guy with a Canon, and after his recent shoulder surgery, one who can't hold a camera steady. Now, I love my future father-in-law, don't get me wrong, but I really want our engagement and wedding photos done by the professional photographer. We have TONS of friends who are going to pitch in for the wedding (our cake, food, and venue will all be free, bless their hearts!). Is it right for me to want to "splurge" on $300 engagement photos? We have plenty saved away for the wedding, and I even picked a cheap ring set and dress. Is it fair for him to not let me have my dream photographer? If so, what should I say? If not, why?

Re: We disagree on engagement photographer!

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    Don't let your fiancee talk you into letting his Dad do the pics. Much better to have a professional, who has all the right equipment and where-with-all to cover your day in the proper style, and gving it the attention it deserves. Dad will be busy dancing, drinking, eating, and chatting, and not worrying too much about whether you get what you want. Considering all the prints you're getting, $300 is a carzy good deal! Especially if you love her style already. Sounds like you've been doing a great job keeping your wedding costs really low, why not spend the money on pictures that you will look at for years?

    Good luck!

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    I agree to not let your finance talk you into having your relative do it. Being a professional photographer myself, I am a little bias, but that is because I have seen photos turn out horrible from relatives. Your wedding day is a one shot deal and the photos are the only thing you will have after the wedding day to remember all the moments.

    There are lots of variables that can come up that can make non-professional photographers have less than desirable results. That can be anything from difficult lighting in the venue, equipment failure, unexpected distractions, and a whole host of other problems. If your relative is not well versed in dealing with all of the different moving parts of photographing a wedding, then don't use them.

    In addition, you want a photographer that is going to follow every move and catch every moment....not be caught up in the moment himself because his son is getting married and miss the shot. It's a big day for your future father in law and he should enjoy the time of his son getting married, and you should enjoy knowing that your professional photographer is going to get all the shots you want to remember.
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    I was just having the same issue, but wrestling with myself over if I wanted to spend money on an engagement session or have my cousin do it, who has taken a couple classes and does it as  "passion"

    I eventually decided not to, just because my mom(who is paying for the wedding on a set budget) pointed out that if I didn't spend 400 dollars on that, I could have glass instead of plastic cups at the wedding, something I really wanted.

    I'm not saying don't do it, I'm just saying, is there something else you could spend that money on that you REALLY want? That's all! But if you really want it, I would so GO FOR IT!
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