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Hi!  I'm looking to book my photographer for my wedding next March.  I live in the Boston area and every package I look at is over $4,000!!  I found a student photographer who is graduating in May who is very reasonable....her pictures are pretty awesome too!  I'm just pretty nervous about booking a student photographer...she has actually done about 5 weddings already...thoughts??

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    There's always the issue of equipment. Most students aren't equipped for low light situations like most weddings. Some are, some not .  Without the right elnses and possibly a good flashgun like a Canon 580exII, then there could be issues with not being able to even get the shots. sure your wedding and reception are well lit.    Other than that, students are ok, but I would recommend looking on Craigslist for an inexpensive photog with more experience and equipment.

      Just my thoughts.
    Nashville Photographer.
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    I would not go with a student photographer. Sorry.  They do not have a lot of real world experience and most of the stuff they do is art which is much different than the fast paced world of wedding photography.  Also there are no redo's.  Plus I think a lot of photography schools frown upon students using flash and you have to use flash for wedding photography.  Just some things to think about.
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    Check out Ashley Therese Photography.  She travels anywhere and her prices are definitely reasonable.

    Good luck!
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