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Is it okay to have 2 Photographers?

I am having a corporate sponsored wedding. No matter what the opinion may be about that; here's the situation. An old college friend (and amature photographer) has agreed to do my pictures for free in exchange for advertisement. Wonderful! I also know a very professional photographer that probably would volunteer as well - in exchange for advertisement. I haven't asked the professional yet. Should I and have two photographers on the big day? Is that too much? Would they be stepping on each other's toes?

Re: Is it okay to have 2 Photographers?

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    All of the photographers we interviewed had a clause in their contract that they must be the sole "official" photographer for the evening. It can't hurt to ask the pro, but they'll probably be a bit put off by having the competition stepping on their toes.
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    NOT okay!  Certainly not without discussing it with the other photographer first...  NEVER just spring something like that on a vendor...
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    Usually the second photographer knows the first and it works out okay (ie. an assistant), but ditto PP on having two photographers unless one is for the morning and the other is for the reception.
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    Us photographers typically get along very well with each other. I would def clear it with both of them, and just be sure there are no surprises for them on the day. MAke sure they would be aware of each other.    2 photographers at a wedding is ideal anyway....when they work together.   I would advise to try to get them to email each other way before the wedding, and establish a game plan. It should be somewhat doable.

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    No.  You are asking to competing studios to photograph the same event, hiring 2 from the same studio is one thing, but their focus should be on you and not on who is getting the better image, who will be getting print sales, and competing with each other.  You should consider hiring a professional photographer for the day, because assuming with 2 free photographers that you will get good images is very naive... if either of them were very good they wouldnt need your images to show off, that means they arent good enough to get booked for paid work... and this is your wedding!  The flowers wilt, the food is gone, the dress goes in a closet... the ONLY thing you keep are the photos, they preserve the day forever... if you are going to splurge anywhere that should be it.
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