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Did you ask for references?

Did you ask your photographer for references? Did you contact your photographers's previous brides to get their feedback? Is this normal? Thanks!

Re: Did you ask for references?

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    Yes, we asked for references and contacted them. I thin it's pretty normal request and they should be able to provide you with references. We didn't make our decision solely based on what the references had to say but it helped hearing positive feed back from real brides.

    We actually had one photographer that didn't send us any references after we had asked and even followed up. That was a red flag to me because I thought it was odd that they couldn't come up with 1 person to use as a reference.

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    I didn't ask for references.  I just read the testomonials on their blog & looked at the pictures on the blog.
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    I didn't ask for references either.  I did however, ask to see an entire wedding they shot before I booked.  To me that's important.

    I was thrilled with my photographer, but I don't think I could handle getting phone calls all the day asking for a reference. That would get a bit annoying.  If you think about it, maybe that is why that one photographer didn't give you any.
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    I used Dreams Studio Photography and did not ask for references.However, I did ask for work samples and previous weddings pictures.
    That was enough for me to make a decision. 
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