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Potential photographer's wife will be 9 mos pregnant at my date

2 great photographers take beautiful photos and are somewhat comparable in price. They're very different--1 is a young couple who has just gotten into the business within the past few yrs. I like their perspective, it feels very modern. The other is a seasoned studio with years & years of wedding experience. They know to straighten your gown when you're walking, pack sewing kits, etc. I'm having a hard time deciding.

Here's one important fact: the wife of the seasoned photog will be about 9 mos pregnant at my wedding date. Obviously if she goes into labor, he's gone. Their contract states in an emergency they wouldn't leave me high & dry and would find someone to cover. But is it too big of a risk to book the seasoned guy? I'm thinking that factor alone might make the decision an easy one...

Re: Potential photographer's wife will be 9 mos pregnant at my date

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    My wife and I own a wedding photography company and our opinion is to go with whomever you are most comfortable with, along with which style of photography you enjoy more.  I honestly would be concerned a bit as well with the pregnancy aspect.  Hope this helps.  kmd creations.  www.kmdcreations.com
  • orangecrush32orangecrush32 member
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    If I were in your shoes I would definitely go for the photographer I knew would be there. The seasoned one sounds great, but what if you're stuck with his stand-in? Will they be as good?
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  • kimp67kimp67 member
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    Yeah, I think I would go with the younger couple too.  If that was our situation the way our luck is she would go into labor in the middle of the ceremony!
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    I'm surprised she's accepting bookings. I'd go with the person who isn't going to be pregnant. 
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