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Photographer/Videographer Recommendations (Denver)

I met with a photographer and videographer last night and neither one had the quality/style of work I was looking for. I just moved to Denver and don't know a lot people who can give me recommendations for people they have used. I am on a limited budget, but I am getting married on a Thursday, so I feel I can negotiate a good price. Any recommendation would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you in advance!!!

Re: Photographer/Videographer Recommendations (Denver)

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    I'll send you a PM about who I'd recommend for photography...  Wink

    But as far as videography goes, Lockerpartners and Rising Moon both do excellent work.  The former have a very cool, less traditional style (they got their start doing music videos, hence the more artistic, unconventional style) and are good people. I haven't worked with Rising Moon, but I've had a lot of brides who have been very satisfied with their work and the portfolio pieces I've seen by them are fantastic.

    I hope that helps!
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