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Photo Booth DIY

I have read about other people who have made their own photo booths and have seen their software they used.  Unfortunately neither my FI nor my camera are compatible which would require me to buy a new camera does anyone know of any software that can be purchased that will be compatible with an older canon or sony digital camera but a windows 7 or vista system?  My FI's camera is compatible with one type of software but is not compatible with Vista and my laptop has Vista and is not compatible with XP which is what his camera is compatible with.  Please help I am not at all tech savvy and only posted here as it has to do with wedding photography.

Re: Photo Booth DIY

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    Have you asked your photographer if it's an option to add on to your photography package? I think that's where I'd start first, if you don't know anything about cameras or software. 
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    Agreed!!  Our friend had DnK Photography - they did a photobooth and she said they didn't charge extra!!  Look for a photog that offers that


    Hopefully they still have your date free!
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    Yeah I talked to our photographer and it would cost $650 on top of the package we are getting.  I have checked several websites and found some software that will work with a web cam but I just wanted to know if anyone else had tried it. 
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