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HELP! Not my idea of wedding photography...

I've run into my first dilemma in wedding planning and need some advice.  I just got engaged a few weeks ago and have started preliminary planning.  My future MIL suggested we use her cousin, who does photography.  I thought this might be a nice idea...Then I saw his website. His website is not professional and the few pictures posted looked terrible.  The poses were very cheesy and staged.  I like more photojournalistic and artsy pictures.

This week my fiancee told me his mother already booked this photographer.  They have offered to pay for him but I'm freaking out.  Here are my concerns: They booked him without consulting me and without me seeing his pictures.  He has not offered to reduce prices for family and there's no way I would pay what he wants to charge for the quality of pictures I've seen on his website.  

I don't want to cause drama with my future ILs and I can't afford to hire a separate professional photographer and pass him off as my cousin.  WHAT DO I DO?!??  Thanks for any advice!

Re: HELP! Not my idea of wedding photography...

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    I'm confused as to why you'd need to pass off a pro-photographer as your cousin?
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    I was just being silly...

    My point was that this man's photography is terrible and I would have never hired him in a million years.  Now that he's already been hired, I don't know what to do.  I want to be proud of my wedding pictures, not hide them for the rest of my life.
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    I would talk to her. She's probably so excited about this engagement and wedding that she didn't even realize booking her cousin would pose an issue for you. Thank her for her generosity in offering to pay for this vendor. Be honest with her that the photog's style is not what you and DH had in mind for your wedding photography needs. Just remember since she is paying - she really does have the final say. 
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    Wow... um... professional photogs ALWAYS require a contract signed by the bride, so if you didn't agree to it, how is this person actually hired? I would just say no. Tell them no. You're not ready to pick a photographer, or whatever. I would hate to be in your position, but you should definitely go for a photographer whose style you mesh with, not a family member whose photos obviously leave much to be desired... good luck!
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    Hire another photographer! What's the harm in having two? I heard about an Austin photographer who is offering a $775 special from the extravaganza and she is still taking bridal bucks for $250 through the end of the month. If you can afford it, just hire her! That would only be around $500 bucks! the company is called Chloe Pix Photography. Good Luck! :)
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    I would suggest explaining to her that you like more of the artistic feel and would rather use someone who has more of your style. The longer you wait, I'm sure the harder it will be. It would be especially convincing if you were able to show competive pricing of someone you do like with the style you are looking for. Good luck!!
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    Have you met him? Ask FMIL to set up a meeting with you, FI, herself and the photographer. Maybe his site is outdated. Ask for recent work he has done and tell him what it is that you want. Maybe agree to engagement pics to see if your styles mesh and go from there; it could be a compromise.
    As a last resort, you could say no thanks and hire your own photographer.
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    I'll jump in as both a future bride and someone tied to the photography business.

    First, that really sucks. I have my future In laws trying to tell me what they want as if it's their wedding. I guess it happens to all brides.

    If you want great pictures you have to pay for them. Most the photogs you find for cheap you won't get many of those great magazine type shots. Maybe one or two if your hired gun is lucky. It's worth it to spend money on a good one. I know of one or two good ones in my area down here in NC that may be willing to travel to DC.

    Message me if you want more info.

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