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Videographer? Yes or no??

Do you think it is important to get a videographer? I've heard mixed things about it from people I know. Some day do it, you won't remember anything unless you do. Others say, they feel fine without having fun. How much does an average videographer even cost?
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Re: Videographer? Yes or no??

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    We have decided NOT to hire a videographer.  Believe me, the decision wasn't made without angst. 

    I really wanted one, but a GOOD one, to make an edited documentary style video.  Once I began in-depth research, with pricing that runs from $2,500 to $7,500 here in the Washington, DC, area, it's just not something we can afford.  I'd rather spend that money on our honeymoon in Florence.

    If we go for something priced lower, then we'll end up just getting a recording of the events, not an edited, sharp documentary-styled film. 

    I'm happy with the final decision though.  I have friends who opted for "cheap" and they're stuck with something that looks like my uncle recorded it on his handycam.  And that's something we do NOT want.

    So, now we'll have more $$ for the honeymoon and I don't have to walk down the aisle naked.  LOL!
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    For us, to have that day in "real time" was worth every penny. To hear us exchange vows, to see the expressions of family and friends as the ceremony unfolded, and to see everyone interact at the reception was really priceless. The day passes very quickly and our video captured some moments that both of our photographers didn't.
    We did a lot of research of videographers in our area to find a company and a package that suited our needs and our budget. Don't be afraid to ask vendors to make a custom package for you, most are very willing to work something out to obtain your business. I think if you decide to do it, and do your homework before contracting with a vendor, you will be very glad you did in the end. Best of luck.
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    I think it is the most important thing. Most of what we apend money on the day of is for the day of. Video and photos are forever. I have my parents wedding video. It was shot in the 80's and by today's standards isn't so good, but it is the first thing I would grab of there were a fire. My great grand parents are there. My grandparents look so young. My parents are like my age now. You can get affordable video for now and always have ot edited into something more later or edit it yoursefl in the future. But if you get nothing, you will always have nothing.
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    Thanks for the input everyone! I guess we'll just see how much everything else is going to cost first. Worst case scenario, I'll have someone do a video that is just simple and plain. I know my church has cameras that will tape the ceremony and I've been to weddings where people will find a good spot at the reception and set a camcorder on a tripod to capture all the fun. Thanks again for the advice!
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    I've photographed a wedding with a videographer and it really messed up a lot of the  pictures. I would suggest against it. Everyone at the reception had a funny glow on them from the videographer's camera lighting. Luckily we take a ton of pictures and we got some good ones.
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