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Linda Conley

Linda was our photographer for our June 26, 2010 wedding in Upstate NY.  We got our pictures from her today and she did a phenomenal job!!!  Linda has a beautiful and very artistic eye.  We had very limited options as to where we could take photographs and she not only made the most of the situation, you would never have known we did not have a lot of space to do pictures.  My husband and i were both feeling ill (nerves?  heat?) on that day but you'd never know it by looking at the pictgures.

Linda also did a great job of being very invisible during the cermony and reception.  I was completely unaware of many of the pictures that she took.

On top of that, Linda was very caring and concerned, helpful with wedding details.  She helped with things that most photographers wouldn't have been concerned with.  For instance, when a button came off my dress, Linda was the one who found thread and sewed the button on.  She did a number of things like this, too many to list.  She clearly cared very much about the fact that is was our day and she wanted to help in any way possible.

My husband and I are extremely pleased with Linda and her photographs in every way.  She gets an 11 out of 10!

You can see Linda's work at
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