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HELP! did i severely screw up? Vendor loyalty issue?

My older sister and mother surprised me by booking a fantastic photographer for our wedding. I'm really excited to have him. I also went ahead and booked another vendor to have a photobooth in the lobby of the reception venue during cocktail hour. I LOVE this idea. I figure it gives the guests something fun to do, and it also doubles as a favor. It's not a grand set-up or anything. Just a little photobooth machine in the lobby as people find their seats.
My sister is now freaking out, saying that this is a possible confilct of interest with the photographer. (She knows him personally, as he does her portfolio pictures, since she is a comedienne.)
I emailed my photographer to let him know.
Does this sound like a problem? I didn't imagine it would be an issue in a million years. The two are completely unrelated in my opinion. And for 90% of the time, our photographer will be off with us doing photos while the guests are *hopefully* enjoying the photobooth at the venue.
WTF??? opinions???????

Re: HELP! did i severely screw up? Vendor loyalty issue?

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    I was in a wedding this past weekend and they had a photo booth.  It was AWESOME!  The photographer was great and I even saw her get in the booth a couple of times.  She didn't seem to mind at all. 
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    Look at the photographer contract.  It will spell out any restrictions.  If it does not...you are good to go.
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  • orangecrush32orangecrush32 member
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    I don't see why that would be an issue, but definitely talk to your photographer and make sure it's not a problem.
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  • morainemommorainemom member
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    I know of many people who have had a photobooth at their weddings and it was not an issue at all with the photographer.

    In fact, usually the photographer gets in the photobooth and has his/her photo taken.

    I think your photographer will be fine with the photobooth.  :)
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    I would double check with your contract. If there are no conflicts of interest, then you should be fine.

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  • joannerryanjoannerryan member
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    thanks for your replies, knotties!
    i contacted the photographer and he said it was absolutely fine, and that he LOVES photobooths. my sister really freaked me out!! i kept explaining the differences to her, but i dunno, she seemed to think it was a bad move!
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    Weighing in, I'm a photographer who is also planning my own wedding- 

    I would have asked the photographer first before booking someone else to do the photobooth. If a client had contacted me and they'd already booked a separate photobooth person, I would say yes out of the desire to be nice and not lose their business, but I would be annoyed about it because it's something that a wedding photographer should be able to provide (for me it's an additional fee for an additional service that I can provide). 

    It's great that your photographer was fine with it- just wanted to weigh in for other people to be aware as well! ^_^
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    This is NOT a conflict we are doing the same thing at our wedding!  It's our favor to our guests!  We're also putting little photo holders on each plate to put the pictures they take in :)
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  • PeacefieldPeacefield member
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    It is only a conflict if your primary photographer also offers a photobooth.  That said, most photographers do not offer PB's in which case he should not have an issue.  Nonetheless, he should know in advance.
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    This is not a conflict of interest for my photographer but I would check with yours. The only thing I can't have is another hired photographer at the wedding but if your photographer doesn't offer a photobooth they would have no reason to be upset. 
  • drphotodrphoto member
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    Our contract has a clause that says we will be the only professional photographer during the event.  Because Desert Ridge Photography supplies photobooths, we would have foregone the profit on supplying one to you because you hired an outside company.  I would not have made you cancel the contract, but, I would have been pissed.

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    What others said, if ther photographer offers photo booths then yeah you were kinda rude, but if they don't then no big deal.

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  • joannerryanjoannerryan member
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    yeah, my photographer is from Toronto, where photobooths are EXTREMELY popular...so i guess i figured if i he HAD a photobooth, that would be apparent on his website. I definitely should have checked with him first, but luckily, he doesn't offer one, so no conflict, and of course everything is fine. thanks for your opinions, and responses from actual photographers. good to know for future brides!
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