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XP: what should i ask prospective photographer?

I think "XP" is code for double post...clue me in if I'm wrong! I also put this only my local board with the name of the photographer I'm looking at.

I saw an ad wit a link to this photographer's website on craigslist while I was looking for student photographers. I think she's starting out because it looked like she'd done some weddings, but not a ton, and she has low priceing. For $500 she'll give me 3 to 4 hours, a cd with all the shots, and a dvd with 75 of the shots edited. Do you have an ideas of questions i should ask when i meet with her? or basically, what should my minimum requirements be? I'm a budget bride and definitely look for someone newer at a lower price. Thanks! Her website is - in case anyone wants to check it out

Re: XP: what should i ask prospective photographer?

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    Does she have backup gear?
    Does she have liability insurance?
    What does she do in the event she is sick/injured and cant show up on the wedding day?
    Ask to see a full wedding.
    Ask if she has any reviews/references.
    Ask how she handles shooting in low light situations and if she uses direct or indirect flash (direct flash is harsh and unflattering).
    Does she have a contract?
    What is the turnaround time for receiving photos/products after the wedding? (make sure this is in the contract.
    When are the payments due, and how much is the deposit?
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    I would ask to see photos from an entire wedding that she has shot recently.  Anyone can produce a decent portfolio with the best shots picked from various weddings.  Seeing the body of work for 1 event end-to-end is something different.

    Other considerations:
    - Her policy / rates if you want to extend hours on the day of
    - Does she charge a travel fee?
    - What's her style - stand back & snipe?  Right in the mix?  Both?
    - Does she shoot alone, or with an assistant?
    - Approximate # of total photos you can expect?
    - Will she accept a list of "must have" shots from you?
    - How soon can you expect to have your photos?
    - Will you actually get your photos in full resolution (versus web quality)?
    - Do you get full rights to print & reproduce for personal use?
    - Does she have any rules (some photos do not allow guests to bring SLRs)
    - Pull out specifics from her portfolio you like -- the composition, the coloring, the look, etc.  And also specifics you do not like.  This lets her understand your style and what you're looking for.

    I'm sure there's a ton more, but that's just off the top of my head.  If you do think you want to move forward, read her contract...every single word of it.  Be aware if you are signing a model release (so she can use your photos in any marketing), non-refundable retainer, what happens if she cannot make it, cancellation rights on either side, etc.

    XP actually means cross-posted.  For example, if you had posted here on the Photo board and also on the Ceremony Ideas board.  It helps us to know when to avoid answering the same question more than once.
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    I would also ask what type of camera equipment she uses and if she has a backup in case her main one fails.
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