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Photo VS GM

OK FI wants his friend to be a GM but I love his pics and what him to do the photos at the wedding I trust him and know that he will do a great job and also be half the price if not more bc he is a freind. I'm having his gf as a BM so do I have to give up my photographer so that he can be a gm??

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    I think it should be up to your FI to decide if he wants him as a GM. If he's even that important to be considered as part of the WP, then he should definitely not be working it. Especially since the importance of a photog's role is their invisibility. Besides, as a working photographer he probably knows others that might be willing to give you that discount.    

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    Personally I would want my friend (or MH's) friend to be able to enjoy our wedding, which they probably wouldn't be able to do if they were the sole photographer. Plus if he's a close enough friend that he would be in the WP wouldn't you want him to actually be IN the pictures?

    I would ask your friend if there are any other photographers that he's worked with or that he knows that he could recommend. Also, not that the members of my WP were professional photographers but they brought their own cameras and took a bunch of pictures so maybe he'll do the same so you'll get the best of both worlds.
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