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Upset with our photographer! >:-|

We booked our photographer because he was the co-owner of our wedding venue and came pretty cheap (engagements, bridals and wedding day for $1,000-- CD with all images and copyright included).  Almost as soon as I booked it, I was very weary because I am so quick to jump on something because it sounds like a good deal and didn't really take a look at any of his work beforehand-- I know, pretty stupid.  Now that I have done some of my research on him and his work, I'm very worried. 

On top of that, he is the most difficult vendor to get in contact with.  He NEVER answers his cell phone and I always have to leave a voicemail on his home phone because his wife responds to e-mails by saying, "let me talk to D and get back to you" and then never really does. 

When I was first discussing a date to take engagement photos, I e-mailed him and told him that because we work 12 hour days, Friday through Sunday worked best for us.  He responded by saying that Tuesdays and Wednesdays worked best for him.  WTF?  I was finally able to lock down this upcoming Sunday (we had to schedule for like a month out because he was so unwilling to accommodate our schedule) and as of last night, that's off.  He left me a voicemail telling me that his mother in law had passed away and that he needed to reschedule.  I then check my e-mail this morning and open an e-mail stating that his wife's grandfather had passed away. 

I am very skeptical of this photographer and have spent all day today researching other photographers.  I found an absolutely amazing photographer for only a couple hundred of dollars more and now I'm wanting to call my photographer to tell him to credit our $200 photography deposit towards our all around cost for the venue. 

Am I being ridiculous and jumping to conclusions?  I understand that there very well may have been a death in the family, however this guy has been unreliable and difficult to work with from the get go.  Please give me your opinion/advice!

Re: Upset with our photographer! >:-|

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    Honestly? The one thing I've learned about all of this is that if someone's making the hair on the back of your neck stand up, it's time to run. I spent 5 months being jerked around by a venue and in the end cut my losses. No sense in sending good money after bad. What concerns me most is the brusque tone and the inability to get back to you - I'd be very concerned about when or if I got photos back, if it were me.
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    Yeah I think I too would look elsewhere.  The only problem is you might lose your deposit.  I read that he's co-owner of your venue, but if it's 2 seperate venues he may refuse to give you your deposit.  You would have to read your contract.
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    I would be concerned if I were in your shoes. The lack of response and not accommodating to your schedules is completely unprofessional. I would cut your losses and move on. I think its going to add more stress to your special day and you definitely don't need that.

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    Have you signed a contract yet? I'm planning my own wedding but I'm also a wedding photographer- and I'm really sorry that you're being treated this way. 

    If you haven't signed a contract, then you should be okay to switch to a different photographer and you also should be fully refunded for whatever downpayment you've paid, if any. If you have signed a contract, look in the contract for client protection clauses; i.e., what happens if he doesn't hold up his end of the bargain. 

    If you're only going to lose 1-200, I would say that it's worth it to take the loss and get a better photographer. These images will last a lifetime, and it's something you don't want to look at and regret every time you see it, kwim?
  • If you are uncomfortable, you should jump ship!  Why worry about a potential bait and switch on your wedding day!  I think you should take the loss and find someone you feel more comfortable working with.  Think of it as paying 200$ for peace of mind!

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    Run!!  I always say that you get what you pay for!  I'm a photographer as well and thank god my FI left the photographer picking to me! lol He wanted to go with someone who was only charging $1700...and you got a TON of stuff....so much that it made me wonder how they made any money....I didn't get all gitty when I talked with them and wasn't too excited so I went with my gut and didn't book them.  I ended up booking some photographers(they came as a pair hehe) that I met at a bridal show...they were so bubbly and I knew in my gut they were the people I wanted capturing my special day!   We're paying $2900 for them which is almost twice the other photographer but like I said you get what you pay for!
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