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Photo location - advice needed

I am getting married in a church and the reception is at a library, which is about a 4 mile drive.  I think the church is way too modern and plain for photographs and the library building is not very attractive.  There are a ton of parks in the city and I would love to have some outdoor photos (weather permitting).  Do you think it's too much to ask my wedding party and parents to go to a location for photos in between the ceremony and reception?  Does anyone have any experience or advice if I try to do this?  I was thinking of looking for something on the way to the reception site.  Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks :)

Re: Photo location - advice needed

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    I don't think it's asking too much at all.  Sometimes your photographer will charge a little more to do this but in my mind it's worth every penny.  We plan on doing the same thing as we're having our ceremony and reception at the same location but don't have much in the way of beautiful areas so I plan on trying to find an open field, park, old building, etc. to take some shots at as well.  If you can't find a location on the way that suits your needs then I'd suggest taking the shots with your wedding party/family at the closest location you have and then find something a little farther away for just you and our fiancee to go to :)
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    It's not too much to ask at all!  Around my area it is quite normal to do this.  Ask your photographer for to suggest some locations, mine had very creative ideas.  Also check if you need a permit at the location.
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