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I can't choose!

I'm torn between two great photographers and I need everyone's opinion. What I'm looking for is someone who can catch candids, set up fun shots, allow everyone being photographed to be relaxed, and do more telling the story of our wedding than just fulfilling a check list. Please let me know if you've hired or know either of these photographers!
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Re: I can't choose!

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    This board is international. I would try posting this on your local board as those knotties may have more knowledge of the two photographers in your poll. Best of luck!
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    Oops I thought I was posting under photo/video? That's what it says at the top of this post?
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    yes, it is photo/video, but i think what she was saying was to post it on a local board from seattle, because the people on your local board will might have had used those photographers.  This board is for everyone around the country and most of us have not used or heard of those photographers.  To get to your local board just go to the top of the page and to the left there should be a blue box that says community, and local boards should be an option:)

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    K thanks I've cross posted on my local board. Was just looking for opinions based on the photo work, not just for those who've used the photographers.
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    I'm a wedding photographer.  What you should do is meet with both.  Ask to see either albums, or at least digital albums, of full weddings, not just their highlight reel.  You want to see how they do across an entire wedding.  Look at their shots of an environment similar to your own, i.e. if your wedding is outside in the middle of the day, ask if they've shot something similar and can you look at that, looking at that vs. if your wedding is outside at night, totally different, and again totally different being in a church, vs being in a reception hall.

    Rebecca's reel seems to have some nice composition but also some blown whites, as in the dresses have no detail showing.  This is sometimes done intentionally because it is a bit of a trend now, but it can also be a sign of a poor exposure.  They also show a great deal of post processing.  If you like this type of special effects done on your photos, great, if not just keep that in mind, and ask to see work that isn't as touched up. Her detail shots are nice and the colors are very saturated, which I'm generally a fan of.

    Tera's reel technically appears superior to me.  No blown highlights.  The images don't seem as played with.  These were likely pretty much the same way they were in camera.  If you like that very touched up look though that Rebecca's has, I would ask to see some of their more, well artsy photoshop work.

    Also look and see if they are reviewed on wedding wire or not, just do a general search for their name on google and see what comes up, and check the better business bureau.  
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