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Is it acceptable to. how would you handle it

We JUST booked our Photographer and then a friend who I went to school with who is also a professional Photographer got divorced and just moved back to town. She offered to do our wedding before she knew we had booked. Would it make our photographer upset if we had her do some photos as well? If so should I tell the photographer or just let it be, so they don't come in with a chip? Also, how much would you pay the friend?
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Re: Is it acceptable to. how would you handle it

  • 13b13b member
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    Some wedding photographers have it written in their contract that they must be the exclusive photographer for the event. This keeps things simple and it avoids confusion. Easier for one photographer to be in charge. Otherwise, your friend and your hired photographer might get in eachother's way.
  • woodfrogswoodfrogs member
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    Maybe you could have your friend do your engagement photos?
    Or perhaps an "after" session? (where you and your groom get dressed up and take pictures either someplace you didin't get to go, or someplace more art-y.
    Did the friend offer to take pics for free? Talk it over and see what works best. You don't want to alienate your booked photog.
  • twilight.rosetwilight.rose member
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    The purpose of an e-session is to get to know/work with your photographer before the wedding, so it would rather defeat the purpose to have them done by a different photographer.

    I would look over the contract for the photographer you booked and see if they have a policy about exclusively shooting the wedding.

    We ended up have three photographers (two hired and my husband, who is a professional photographer, shot details, etc.) and it was fine. However, we cleared having multiple photographers with everyone first, and they all brought their own unique style to the shots. I'm actually really glad we ended up going with multiple photographers, so it can work, but you need to check your photographer's policy before moving forward.
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  • Kasey GruenKasey Gruen member
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    All photographers have different contracts.  You should communicate what your ideas are and how everything can fit together. 

    One important thing to remember is time constraints, your hired professional will already be creating & capturing all of the images that you requested.  Adding another could leave you pressed for time & missing out on the fun!

    Good Luck!

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