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HELP! Need advice about photographer.

My fiance and I signed a $1400 photography contract back in October. The contract required a $100 deposit and covers 2 engagement sessions- 1 indoor and 1 outdoor, cds w/ copyright release of all engagement pictures, an 8x10 of our favorite engagement photo, 100 4x6 custom invitations, a personalized slideshow for the reception of personal photos and photos from the engagement session, unlimited photography the day of the wedding, and a cd w/ copyright release of the wedding photos.
Our first engagement session was in October, we didn't receive the 8x10 or the cd until February! Our second engagement session was in February... here it is- the end of April, no cd in sight! She does not respond to any of my emails, and I gave up calling a long time ago. It took a month and a half for her to send off the picture for the 8x10 and have it mailed back to her. So, I would figure it would take this long to get the invitations ordered and received. She hasn't even designed the invitation yet! Our wedding is in August, so invites would have to be mailed by the middle or end of June.
What should I do?!?!

Re: HELP! Need advice about photographer.

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    First of all, booking a photographer is a huge and important part of the wedding and you need to be very carefull with that - there are a lot of people "taking pictures" and calling themselves "professional photographers"; you want to make sure whom you are actually meeting and if it's a real company with quality at all!
    In your case I would definitely contact better business bureau, they might help.
    And can't you visit the studio or actual address where your photographer works/lives?
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    The thing about our photographer- she works as a nurse full time, and when she isn't working she is doing photography. She does have a studio, but it is not her home so she is only there when she is doing a session. There are atleast four couples I know personally who have also hired her as their photographer. One couple was very pleased with her. BUT! Another couple was definitely not happy with her services- she showed up late, left early, did not have the proofs completed by the date she said she would have them posted. (And of course, I found this out after I signed the contract...)

    Like I said, I have called... I have emailed. To no avail. I am in love with the pictures she has done of us- its her work ethic I am having the problem with. I have visted bbb.org- which they have no record of her, and I would have to enter her information and everything to file a complaint. I was giving her a couple days to respond to my last email before I resorted to that. I have also been told to take her to small claims court if I wanted to get out of the contract. I don't want it to seem like I don't want to pay the money- I just want to get what I am going to pay for! And if she can't do it, or doesn't want to- that's fine by me, I just need to know so I can find alternatives!

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    In this case I would let go of the $100 deposit and find someone else...it will save you a lot of headache in the long run...
  • tabitha_rockstabitha_rocks
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    but gee you saved all that money.
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