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Jack & Jill Costs and Ideas..anyone!

Hey everyone!

Just wondering what everyone is spending..on average for their jack and jill. I never took this into account when budgeting...ugh. Anyways...Id love to hear some Jack & Jill budgets and any fun ideas:)

Thanks so much,


Re: Jack & Jill Costs and Ideas..anyone!

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    jerseydeviljerseydevil member
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    I'm not sure how a budget for a Jack & Jill would differ that much from a traditional shower, other than the fact there are more people there since guys are invited too.

    Also, prices vary by area and depending on how formal it is. I hope you're not hosting your own shower?
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    SuMmErKuTiESuMmErKuTiE member
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    You shouldn't be worrying about how to budget the party since it's a pre-wedding party and it's rude to throw your own. They are hosted on your behalf. Usually by a family member or a bridal party member.

    Our engagement party was hosted by our parents, my bridal shower was hosted by my mom and my BM's, and my bachelorette was hosted by my MOH.

    You should never host your own pre-wedding party because even if your intentions are well-minded it looks gift grabby and like you're trying to throw your own party in honor of yourself.
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    mcskatcatmcskatcat member
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    Everything SummerKutie said.  It's wrong to host your own pre-wedding party (shower, bach, engagement party, etc.)  So the budget should be of no concern to you.
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    Warning: I've noticed that in general, these parties are not looked upon very favourably one many TK boards.  That being said, in our area the J&J is common, often expected, and is usually thrown by the WP.  I was at one a couple months ago, and basically the WP and family gathered/donated various prizes to be raffled off.  There were also games that the DJ brought with him - one was a mini putt, another was a hockey net to shoot at, crown & anchor and a couple other "casino" games like black jack and poker.  

    The budget will vary be region - somewhere in Toronto is going to cost more on average than SmallTown, ON.  I can't help as much here because I wasn't really involved but they had to pay for (and thus should be considered): venue, booze, dj, prizes (most were donated but I'm not sure all were), food (they put out some buffet stuff later on).  I can tell you that whatever they spent wasn't anywhere near what the party brought in, they came out way ahead.  HTH!
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    bnmartinezbnmartinez member
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    I had two Jack & Jill showers. My mother threw one for us at a local restaurant that had a party room; it was only for my side of the family. I believe they charged around $8 per person for plate with drink. Alcohol was charged separately. My FMIL threw one for us at a small party hall for his side of the family; she cooked the food herself. I guess it depends on the area. I would suggest looking around for different options.
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