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bridal shower/ engagement party...

 I was just the MOH for my best friend's wedding which was planned in 6months. She had an engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party/ bachelorparty, rehersal dinner and wedding day...

honestly it was a lot of work for everyone involved.  I  got engaged in October 09 and am not getting married until 06/11 so I have some time. I like the idea of having an engagement party but do I really need a bridal shower?? what is the reason for throwing one??

I believe that this is both my and Justin's wedding so we should celebrate it together ( excludig the bachelor/ bachelorette parties). I need help understanding all of the wedding party extras!!!

Please help... what should we do and how far out from our wedding date??

Re: bridal shower/ engagement party...

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    The bridal party is so your closest family and friends can shower you with gifts. You do not plan it, it is thrown FOR you. Many couples have a co-ed shower. Just mention to your mother and maybe MOH that IF a shower were given, then you would like FI to be there. Also, run this by FI, some men don't feel comfortable going to a shower that is traditionally women only.
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    You don't have to have a shower, but some people really want to give/go to them for reasons I don't understand.  I wasn't going to have one, but apparently my aunt was very upset by that and really wanted to go to my shower, sooooooo.... it's less drama to have one, even though I think they're silly.
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