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Paying for the bachelorette party?

I’m the MOH and for the co-ed bachelorette party I was planning on going to a baseball game and getting a suite for us to be in. Is it okay for me to ask all the guest to pay about $90 to help cover the cost (theres about 13 guest in total) or am I supposed to pay the bill my self? If $90 is too much how much would be okay? I know that I would be paying for the bride and groom either way. And I'm okay paying for the decorations I just know that renting the suite is what cost the most, seeing as how it is a baseball game! Thank you for your help!Smile

Re: Paying for the bachelorette party?

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    You have to tell the other people involved in the party what the costs are and let them decide if they want to come and spend the money.  I can't tell you if they think that is too much or not - I don't have their bank accounts :-)

    For my sister's bachelorette party, I asked all those involved what their budgets were.  Then, I sent them all the information and price list and again let them confirm that they were okay with the money.  Then I booked everything.  They were very appreciative of my respect of their budgets.

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    Usually for bachelor/bachelorette parties, the guests pay their own way and then the wedding party covers the bride and groom's expenses.  Before you start booking things though, you need to contact the people who will be invited and ask them if they'd be willing to pay that much.  $90 to me is a lot.  Since I'm married, that would be $180 for me and my H to go.  That's way too much in my opinion but maybe it's normal in your area.  Just be sure you ask before you book things and end up having people decline because it's too expensive.
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    I think that sounds a bit much unless it includes food and/or drinks. If people are going to be paying for their own food and drinks, it can get pricey and some people may not be willing to shell out the money...I agree that maybe you can ask everyone in advance the price that they are comforable spending and if you can't afford it maybe find something else. Or maybe they are ok with that amount.

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    Guests definitely pay their own way to the bachelorette party and everyone splits the cost of the bride, and in this case, groom too. Why don't you put word out there, see how many people are interested and then decide to do it, or come up with an alternative based on responses.
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    IT depends.... do you have money like the kardashians or are you middle class?

    ask around like the others mentioned.
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