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planning a coed shower

I'm a bridesmaid for my brother's wedding. There are 9 bm's, including MOH.  I've been involved in planning numerous bridal and baby showers and so has my SIL who's also in the wedding. None of the other girls have. The girls decided they wanted to throw a coed shower. Then when it came to cost, someone said we should ask the guys to pay. I said if that's the case, we need to ask them to be involved in the planning. The other thing is that no one will commit to a budget. We've asked numerous times for what poeple can afford (I know everyone's financial situation is different, people have kids, have to travel etc)  Emails are going back and forth, and the maid of honor doesn't even have internet access, so she's hearing bits and pieces from the other girls. It's truly a mess and I know my brother and fiancee just want it simple and for everyone to have a good time. I'm usually not one to take the lead but this is starting to get crazy! I've made some suggestions for cutting down on cost (no alcohol or keep it to a keg, burgers/dogs as opposed to catering, evites instead of paper invites, etc) but no one will respond. If we don't have a budget, we can't plan!
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