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What if I don't want a certain kind of shower?


One of my bridesmaids is a pampered chef consultant.  She wants to throw me a pampered chef shower, where basically, she hosts a show to sell her products, but then guests also see a list of things me & my fiancee registered for and can buy them for us.  I've been to a pampered chef shower before, and honestly, it was awkward.  I felt like I had to buy something for myself AND the bride (who I would have bought other gifts for anyways...but not necissarily pampered chef items).  I would rather invite my friends to a traditional shower and/or a bridal/leingerie shower. 

How do I tell this bridesmaid that I'm not interested...or am I stuck with a shower that don't want? 

Re: What if I don't want a certain kind of shower?

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    I would let her know that the idea of a pampered chef shower makes you uncomfortable and you don't want the guests to feel like they have to buy something. I went to a pampered chef shower before and it was awful. The consultant had a list of all the stuff the bride wanted and it was all WAY more than I wanted to spend. I would have rather gone to the store and bought something else in my price range than felt pressured into buying expensive kitchen gadets, especially since at the end of the shower the bride knew exactly what she was getting and how much each of us had spent. It was tacky, IMO.
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    I'd tell her that you really don't feel comfortable accepting the offer since some may be put off by them.

    I can tell you that I wouldn't attend one.
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    I agree with the others here, just be honest that it would make you a bit uncomfortable and while you really appreciate her offer, you would rather you shower not be a Pampered Chef party.  Then just stick to your guns because as a sales person, she'll probably try to convince you otherwise.  You could even explain that you've been to a shower like that before and felt uncomfortable.
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    absolutely tell her that a shower is no place to push her products and that you definitely would not want to put you guests in an uncomfortable position of having to buy stuff.

    tell her no thanks if she insists...

    i can't believe how some people are such self-promoting jerks!
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    Ugh...Im in the same postition. My stepmom wants to throw a pampered chef party for me & I feel awful turning it down, but I dont want my guests to feel awkward or obligated to buy things for me. And I would really just like a chill bridal shower where we all just hangout and do some activities.

    Im going to talk to her today and just simply say I dont feel comfortable with it. Im sure your bridesmaid will understand as long as your polite about it.
     Good luck!
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    My MOH is a tupperware consultant and she flat out asked me if I wanted a tupperware shower...I would just tell her that you need some of the basics also so you would prefer to have a basics shower instead of strictly pampered chef
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