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Themed Bridal Shower?

So, I was asked if I wanted to have some sort of theme for my bridal shower...I thought about it, and thought maybe a Kentucky Derby themed shower would be fun, we could all dress up and wear the big hats..anyways, it this strange? Has anyone else had a themed bridal shower? I've only been to one and don't really know much about them.

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    I'm not a fan. Especially if you're going to require some specific type of dress. I don't have big Kentucky Derby type hats, so I'd have to go buy something that I'd never wear again. I wouldn't be happy, and would probably decline. My DD's shower was loosely themed "Love is Sweet" because the menu was desserts and wine. Each BM, plus me and DD's MIL brought a favorite dessert, and we had wine or strawberry lemonade for beverages. DD's MIL made favors from cookie cutters and included her recipe for sugar cookies. When I think of "themes", especially ones where you expect guests to dress us, I think of children's b'day parties.
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    Themes that require the guest to wear a certain attire or bring a certain type of gift are not cool. theme should relate to food and decor choices  
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    Oooh that's true, I didn't think about the fact that everyone would have to go out and buy new outfits and everything. Guess that wouldn't make sense to do! Maybe we will just have a Kentucky Derby food/drink theme...with the Mint Juleps & Kentucky Derby pie :) Thanks for your input!
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    Rather than have people wear the hats, you could come up with some kind of game where they win the hats or make them, or give them out as party favors.
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    I think the theme is a good idea, so long as you limit it to decor/games/food& drink.... and as long as the guests don't have to do anything special -- like dress up or bring related items. I like the last post, have a game that people create the hats etc...
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