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Are favors required?

What do you all think about bridal shower favors. For the most part I think they are a waste. Most of the time they are cute, but rather not functional. People normally leave them behind. I dont want to seem cheap, but I dont want to waste my money either. At the wedding we are going to have cookies at each place setting. Thanks in advance :)
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Re: Are favors required?

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    IMO, trinkets=bad favor that I'd leave behind or toss as soon as I got home.Cookies at each place=YUM!  I love cookies, so for me this would be a favor that I'd love!Edible favors tend to be the most popular.
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    My moms throwing the bridal shower I am just trying to help her out with ideas. She's not really sure where to begin. Thanks for all the advice... no favors at the bridal shower and yummy cookies at the wedding!
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