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Hi All,One of my maid of honors is getting married this coming January.  I am a bridesmaid in her wedding, and her shower is in 3 weeks.  I wanted to do a lil' something special for her since she will be playing an important role on my and my fiance's day.  Do you think doing a side gift on my own is okay, or should I express what I will or want to be doing to the other girls in the bridal party?  Maybe I can give her something special after her shower....I don't know, I just figured it was a really nice thing to do.  What do you think?Thanks!

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    honestly if you wantto do this because she is playing a role in your wedding then do ot do it at her shower which is not about your wedding but hers. If you want to do something because she is a great friend then anytime is fine. But do not try and make any aspect of her shower about your wedding or you risk instead of being nice hurting her feelings
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    Oh, I couldn't take this day from her, I want her to enjoy it as much as the other girls and I have when we were planning it.  I just wanted to do a little something special, like a scrapbook of her and her fiance, or something.  The idea's still up in the air, so we shall see.
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    I don't see anything wrong with you doing a side gift to her, but if you choose not to tell the other BMs about it, then don't give it to her at the shower.If the gift is more related to her being your MOH, then save it for something related to your own wedding, like a thank you gift to her when she throws your shower or a thank you gift to her later on for being in your wedding.
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    If its a wedding gift to her, then give it to her at the bridal shower. If its a thank you for being a MOH gift then do it after the bridal shower. Even if its both, I'd say just make it special, and do it after!
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