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Your ideas please

We’re working on an article about new bachelorette party ideas/themes and want to know your ideas on creative bachelorette party themes (old bridesmaid dress party?), game ideas, recipes, invitations, and more. Thanks in advance for your answers!You can just post below. Thanks,KA
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Re: Your ideas please

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    Olds bridesmaid dress faces 3 problems . 1. that requires certain attire which is rude to require of party guests 2. that the brides fron those weddings may be there and offended that their choice is being made fun of 3. that not all women have been bm or have saved their bm dresses ( I donate all of mine to brides agaist breast cancer for example ) Best ones I have heard of /attended 1. Mine we went on an overnight sail on the cheseapeak bay, hung out with my friends, drank and ate my favorite foos and all in all had a great time 2. One for my sister We did a wine tasting flights of white wines and cheese and bread and fruits it was lovely and a blast 3. One for a good friend who is into art we bought glass paints and painted wine and marrtini glasses and vases while drinking and eating tapas
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