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Between my blended family and his, we're looking at three showers in our hometowns (no overlap on guest lists). But, my roommate (and bridesmaid) has mentioned she wants to throw one for our friends where we currently live. I feel weird enough about 3 showers in the first place, much less 4, but she seems really excited and I have to admit I would love to have something (not necessarily gifty) with my friends. My MOH has already taken the reins on a Bach party, and my roommate is not interested in the kind of party-hard deal that MOH, I'm sure, will plan (and has said as much). She doesn't really know any of my sisters/aunts who have offered to host hometown showers. I would like to point her in another direction since she seems really set on doing something with our friends, but I'm not sure what that direction would be. I was just going to see if she wanted to ask everyone over for tea instead of a shower, but I don't know if that's inappropriate, or if I should just outright decline. Ideas?

(Note- I do know that this is really early, it's just been brought up a couple of times. I've told everyone we can just wait till summer to see if it's something they're still up for trying to do, but it seems to come up often)

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