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I need opinions about a dress!

Okay girls,

So I went dress shopping yesterday with FMIL and I think I found the one.  She took pictures of me in each dress I liked but I narrowed the search donw to 2. 1 that I tried on last time I was there and another that is a "new creation". I think I have my mind set up but I just want to get opinions on what everyone else likes.  I don't have pic of me in the dresses because their all still on her cam until I go over there and get them.
You know its the one when all you think about is that dress and everything that comes out your mouth has to pertain to the dress too right?, oh and everytime your about to say something FI starts laughing before you even say anything because he knows it has to do about the dress right?

BTW- Click on each photo to get better deatial of each dress. I made sure they blew up larger if you did.
Dress 1
Liz Field

I have pictures of this dress from front and back. This dress has a detachable skirt so I get the best of both world. The princess dress for the ceremony and then the short and sexy dress for the reception.

Dress 2

Robert Bullock

This dress I tried on the 1st time I went dress shopping. I love the embrodery and the shape of this dress. I could only find one picture of this dress.

So make your choices ladies and sorry for it being sooo long.
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