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Best Man's New Girlfriend

Our Best Man just started dating a new girl around Halloween. So far things have been going great between them and they both really like one another but you never know with new relationships. I absolutely adore her. She is sweet, fun, and gets along fabulously with our group of friends. The four of us hang out together at least every couple weeks.

My sister is planning a bridal shower for me within the next 2 months (I don't know the exact date yet because that's a surprise) and bachelorette will be March 20, 2010 (wedding is March 26, 2010). I would LOVE to invite her to all the pre-wedding parties but I'm worried that if things don't work out between the two of them, he won't bring her to the wedding as his guest. 

I would definitely call him and get his ok to invite her to the parties first because he may be planning to bring someone else as his guest (I'm betting he plans to bring her but I want to be sure). My main concern is that if they broke up, she wouldn't be invited to the wedding on her own.    

If he's ok with it, should I invite her and not worry about it if they break up. I just worry about inviting her to pre wedding stuff and not the actual wedding if he changes his mind. What do you think?

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    If things seem good so far, I would risk it. Seems promising.

    Plus, in my experience, my friends don't usually only date someone seriously for 2-3 months. If he's serious with her and inviting her to hang out with his friends, chances are he doesn't expect to break up with her any time soon.
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    I think in this situation, it's fine to go ahead and invite her to your pre-wedding parties.  If they do break up before your wedding, you aren't obligated to invite her in my opinion.
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    Thanks Girls, I'll invite her as soon as I make sure he's ok with it.
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