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Hi, my wedding date is rapidly approaching and my MOH has been great about everything. Recently she started talking to me about the bachelorette party.
The one issue is that I have two sisters who are bridesmaids that are underage (17 and 15). I want them to be included, but so far my MOH's ideas, while fun, are not very 'family friendly'.
Should I tell my MOH I want to go in a different direction, or throw a separate party. I was thinking something simple like a sleepover for the young gilrs with snacks and movies.

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    You can't throw a bachelorette party for yourself so that really isn't a solution.

    Tell your MOH that you'd really like your sisters to be able to attend and see if the two of you can decide on something.  If she isn't willing to compromise and it means that much to you to have your sisters there then you can decline her offer to throw one for you and just not have one.  I can't imagine she wouldn't be willing to plan at least part of the night so they could attend.

    I will say, though, having been to many bach parties, that it wouldn't fly in my circle to not go out drinking.  In this case we'd all have dinner together then the over 21 crowd would be off to a bar while the kiddies would be heading home.
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    I'm sure your sister as just as excited as you to have them include in b-parties.  However, as PP said, its not really your call.  Plan to have a "sisters" sleepover a week or two before the wedding.  Or decline all b-parties.
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    I think it's perfectly fine to tell your MOH that you really wanted to include the younger BMs and to ask her to plan something that they could do too.  I would think she would be okay with that since the party is for you, so she should take your thoughts into consideration.  If she doesn't, and still plans an over 21 event, then just plan a sleepover with your younger BMs on your own for fun.
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    It is YOUR bachelorette. Yes, you are not planning it (and shouldn't) but your MOH can still plan a super fun "sister friendly" slumber party. We have all been to our fair share of bachelorette nights out, why not mix it up?
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    Why not have something family friendly at the house that your sisters can attend and then later in the evening go out with your friends?
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