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Strangers at my engagement party.....

Right after my fiance and I got engaged, I had a dear friend who was very happy for us and wanted to host an engagement party for us at her new home.  I accepted the offer and thought it was so sweet of her to volunteer to host something.

We're planning the party, and it turns out she wants to invite over total strangers (my FI and I have never met, people like her coworkers) to the party to show off her new home.  She doesn't see anything wrong with the fact that my FI and I have never met these people before.

My thought is that she is using our engagement party as an opportunity for a housewarming as well.  I

Am I overreacting by thinking total strangers at our engagement party is inappropriate? (Since it is her house)

I found out she also plans on inviting these people even if we move the party to a restaurant.  I am inclined to say no thank you to the party and offer to attend a housewarming party for her instead and have my function in a different place.

What would you do?
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Re: Strangers at my engagement party.....

  • lizstill13lizstill13 member
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    I would decline the party. Period. The girl obviously has issues.
  • quotequeenquotequeen member
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    It's inappropriate to invite anybody to the engagement party who won't be invited to the wedding, and I assume these people won't be since you don't know them.  If she insists on inviting them I would decline the party.
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  • leahabattleleahabattle member
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    Thanks!  I guess I just needed to hear it from someone else! 

    It's amazing how many people try to make your engagement/wedding all about them.  I'm sure there is a whole forum on that somewhere too, but I haven't found it yet :)
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  • AmandalovesAlAmandalovesAl member
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    Wow that stinks! I would say thanks but no thanks! It should be a party to celebrate you!! If she wanted to have her own party, she should have just invited you to that instead of kinda lying about what it is.  Good luck!!
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  • ecuchikaecuchika member
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    I totally agree!!!

    But here is the bright side: you found out about the suprise guest list BEFORE the day of the shower!!! It would totally SUCK to be at YOUR engagement party and suddenly meet these strangers!!

    She needs to know that it will be ackward for you your FI AND those people.

    Side note: if I was the co-worker I would decline b/c I don't feel comfortable going to an engagement party where I don't know the couple!!
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