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How did you ask your brial party...

My Fi and I are in the process of getting ready to ask our Bridal Parties to be in our wedding.  We want it to be fun and special or unique...  How did you guys do it, or were asked to be in a wedding pary?

Thanks guys!

Re: How did you ask your brial party...

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    IMO, the honor is in being asked, not in how one is asked.  I've been a BM multiple times and the "askings" I remember with the most fondness were just heartfelt and straightforward.  The times when the bride tried to cutesy it up didn't really register with me other than thinking that all the work wasn't really necessary.

    As for me, I just asked my BMs.  In person if I could and by phone if in-person wasn't possible.
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    I asked mine in person or on the phone (one lives pretty far away). In all of the wedding I've been in, I've always been asked on the phone or in person.
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    I live in Virginia with 3 girls here in the area, and the other 5 spread throughout my home state of Ohio. I made personalized tote bags and tied ribbons on the straps in what would be our "wedding colors". Inside the bag I placed a pair of pink flip flops with black ribbons tied on them, pink ring pops, Koozies- personalized with the girls name and the word "bridesmaid" or "maid of honor" as appropriate, and a picture frame. I had painted the picture frame black and in pink letters wrote "Will you... Be my Bridesmaid" or MOH as appropriate for each girl. In the frame I placed a favorite photo of me with each girl. Lastly, I included a poem for each girl with her name at the top asking her to please be a part of our wedding.  I know that all of that was not necessary, but I felt honored to create something for the girls who in these past couple of months have given so much of their time and energy to me helping me prepare for our upcoming May wedding.

    I gave the bags to the girls who live close to me in Virginia and mailed the bags to the girls in Ohio. I received great responses from the girls and the totes/flops/koozies can be used during all of the upcoming events- shower, bach party, rehearsal dinner, and even the wedding itself. Everyone loves to kick off their heels and put on some cute matching flops! :)

    I hope this helps... <3

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    I am having my six nieces (ages 9, 13, 17, 19, 22 & 25), a nephew (also 13, so my 13 year old neice doesnt' have to walk with someone "really old!"), and my best friend from forever and ever.  I asked them all on the phone the night we got engaged b/c I couldn't wait!  My nieces started looking at dresses the very next day. My nephew is psyched about wearing a tux. My fiance asked his brothers and friends in person.
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    I made a home-made card telling them how much the mean to me, and went to a bakery and got a giant cookie that said, "Will you be my bridesmaid?" Didn't cost that much, and they all really loved it, who wouldn't like a cookie?
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    With one of my MOH, I own a business with her...We have always said we were going to get into the wedding planning business together. We have helped plan a few weddings already. I went to her house the morning after we got engaged (I got engaged at midnight), and casually said to her "You like planning weddings right?" Her response was "Yes, that's why we are going into business together". I said "That's good, so you'll help me plan one for August?" She looked at me and said "Sure, who's are we planning?" Then I responded with "mine". It took her a good 2 minutes to realize what I said then she said "Holy Sh*t! You guys are getting married?". I said yes and that he (her brother actually) asked me the night before. Then I asked her to be one of my MOH and she accepted. The daycare kids thought we were crazy, hugging and crying so early in the morning (7am). My neice and nephew were so excited that Auntie and Uncle were finally getting married.

    We have been together for almost 10 years, and I didn't think a wedding was for a few years yet...So it was a big surprise for everyone.

    My other MOH, I had called up because she lives on the other side of the city and was taking her kids to school. I just called her up and said "So, I have a question for you.....Will you be my MOH?" She totally freaked and said of course.
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    I asked in person or on the phone...
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    Since we are having really young nieces and nephews as our wedding party, we didn't really ask them we just told their parents that we really want the kids as our wedding party and let the parents take care of that part (well, we haven't asked one set of parents yet because the mother can be strange with family events sometimes and we're scared she'll say no!)

    But anyways, when a friend's FI asked me to be her bridesmaid she asked at the same time she told me they just got engaged. I assume a spur of the moment "we're so excited I can't wait to ask you" isn't possible since you are planning, so why don't you plan a special lunch/brreakfast/dinner with each of your ladies to ask her? I think that is what I would end up doing if we weren't using the kids!

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