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B Shower

Here are 2 pictures of the table settings, candle favors, invite from my shower yesterday, balloons and cake: theme was something blue. Got the idea/theme from:

There were 5 games: guessing # of petals in a jar, 6 questions regarding bride/groom, hot potato with a small bouquet, passing bouquet around in ciricle, music stops and person holding it has to sing song with the word 'Love' in it, word search game.

I received toaster oven, wine glasses, dinnerware set, salad bowl, gift cards, bakeware set, canister set, punch bowl set, drinkware set, food storage container set, smartpot slow cooker. 

The placemats were purchased at Michaels, favors included blue/white m&ms from Party City in blue boxes from Target with white bow (those were put on the plates at table), candle box favor purchased from beau-coup online, balloons from Party City, tablecloths and small cake plates from Party City. Invites were from (attached is sample invite). The round vases and flowers were purchased at Walmart.

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