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HUGE bridal shower??!

I am the MOH for my best friend's wedding - which isn't until August. BUT she just informed me that since she only wants one Bridal Shower, there will be a LOT of people there. This freaks me out!! I told her that typically the shower is with her closest friends and family, but she's set on having only one shower. I've yet to talk to the other bride's maids or my best friend's mom, but I'm hoping they will all pitch in and help with the cost! I need some advice on how to handle so many guests!

Re: HUGE bridal shower??!

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    Tell her that you are going to do the best you can to give her a shower that she loves, but that might mean cutting back the guest list.

    Figure out what you CAN do - budget, # of people, etc.   Then tell her that you can afford to throw a party with THAT many people.  Period.

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    Don't let the bride pressure you into throwing a bigger shower than you can afford. Ask the other BMs' if they are interested in helping and what they are comfortable with contributing. Some may be able to contribute $$$ others may prefer to prepare food for the shower. Next, contact the MOB to let her know what the plan is. She may volunteer to help out also.
    Let the bride know how many you can afford to invite and get a guest list from her. She should not be involved with planning her shower.
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    If the guest list is an issue - perhaps you can scale back what you had planned?  I know showers have become crazy elaborate parties that rival even the reception.  But why not do just a cake and punch with a few games?  It's a nice chance for the ladies to relax and get to know each other...

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    If you are offering to throw this for her, tell her how many people you can afford and have her give you a guest list based on that number. Don't let her pressure you into spending outside your means to make her happy. A bridal shower in itself is a gift that she should be thankful for.
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