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Okay, so I'm having this dilemma with my two MOH's/FSIL's and my FMIL over when we're going to have the shower. The wedding is October 2, so we thought maybe mid-August to have the shower.  Originally, we had decided August 21st, because the firehall we're doing it at had two Saturdays in August open, and that was one of them. 

Now my FMIL and MOH's are telling me we have to do it on a Sunday afternoon.  I personally have an issue with this, because my mom works on Sunday afternoons, and I don't want to inconvenience her.  I asked them this, and they said "Oh, your mom will be there, she's a sucky mom if she isn't, ect ect." Well, her being there isn't the issue.  I know if they planned a Sunday afternoon, she would get the day off or switch hours or something.  But my parents need the hours they work, and I don't want to make my mom have to take an afternoon off, when we could just do it on a Saturday when she doesn't work.

I think the issue is that we're not necessarily excluding guys (long story, we have a few guy friends/relatives that traditionally go to all the showers), and my FFIL DJ's evey Saturday in August. But that's generally at night, so if we did like...1:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon, he could still go and leave by 3:00-ish to go DJ.   So I personally don't see an issue, and I highly doubt that, even though they can, most guys won't want to be at a bridal shower.

Am I wrong in asking this of my MOH's, even though  they're putting this on for me?

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    My shower was last saturday from 1-4. I understand that they were trying to consult you by offering dates however they should not have been so offensive by presuming that your mother could just take off work.  I am sure that your mom is already putting a lot of time into helping you and your FIL's should be respectful of her time also. 

    I think you should just lay out to your MOH and FIL's that it is very important for your mother to be at your bridal shower and in order for that to happen it needs to be on a saturday.  Hopefully they will understand and be willing to work with you.

    Is there anytime on a sunday that your mom would have free or does she work all day?  If there is you might offer that time slot as a suggestion.

    Best of luck!
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    It would be nice if they have the shower on a date that is convenient to both MOB and MOG. Before you take a stand on this, though, talk to your mom. If she can arrange to switch hours (rather than lose work hours), then everybody wins. It might be far enough ahead of time for her to work something out. If she is unable to do this, let your MOH's know that the dates they have selected don't work for you.

    And I  agree that the remark they made about your mom was very rude.

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    A bridal shower is supposed to be all about the bride and celebrating the upcoming marriage. You should definitely have some input into deciding the date that works best for you and your family.

    So sorry they are not making this easy for you. Although they are the ones throwing the shower and the date needs to work for them as well, they should be the ones trying to accomodate to your needs.

    Hope everything gets worked out soon so you can having a relaxing shower.


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    Thank you guys! We've kind of avoided the subject thus far, but I'll definitely have to talk to my mom (considering she's the one booking the place for it, anyway!), to see if she can switch days ( Brittany&Chris, she works 12-5 Sundays, which is right in the middle of the day, but thank you for the suggestion!).  If not, my MOH's are going to have to be okay with a Saturday.
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    Wait a minute - your mom is booking the venue for the party and SHE has to take a day off work?  I wouldn't even ask her is she can switch shifts with anyone, I'd tell the rest that the shower needs to be on a Saturday.  There are plenty of options to have it early enough to accomodate your FIL's schedule...

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