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Bachelorette Party Question

Has anyone heard of the bride doing anything either as a thank you or bringing little token gifts for their friends for their bparty?  I'm having a destination b party and I'm very grateful to my friends for agreeing to take a plane for my bparty (I asked everyone individually how they felt about it before anyone went ahead and started planning it, and everyone was excited for it).  I think my FI is going to buy champagne for everyone at dinner.  Is that enough?

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    I have not heard of or have I ever recieved a present from the bride at a b party. But I also have never been to a destintion one. I think the champagne is a great idea  :)
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    I have never received a gift for attending a b-party (but have gotten one for hosting in the past).  I don't think buying everyone a present is necessary but if you want to, go ahead!
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    It's not neccessary, but I am sure your B Party attendees would appreciate it!
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    Thanks everyone!  This was helpful
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