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Who makes the shower guest list?

One of my bridesmaids has graciously offered to have a shower for me. She's really eager about it and wants to talk about it every time I see her. I'm glad she's excited of course but the other day she was discussing it in front of one of my best friends who is male. He asked if he could come and before I could say anything, she just said no and that was that. He's one of my best friends but if she doesn't want him there, I don't want to offend her and ask for him to be invited. I'm not even sure really who's in charge of who gets invited and I just really don't want to commit a faux pas by making inappropriate requests. It's really nice that she's doing it but I'm not sure how excited I am about her being rude to my guy friend. 

Re: Who makes the shower guest list?

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    The bride should create the shower guest list after asking the hostess how many people she can afford to host. 

    Your friend probably told the guy no because showers are typically all female only.  If you really want your guy friend there, you need to let your girlfriend know. 
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    Generally only females invited to the wedding are invited to the bridal shower. I don't know if your male friend is going to want to be surrounded by women with not another man in site playing wedding bingo and watching gifts get opened.
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    Typically, the shower host decides how many and the style of the shower (whether it is women only or co-ed) and then asks the bride for a list with X number of people to invite. 

    She probably told this person no because he's a guy and she's planning a women only shower.  It was rude of him to ask, and it was rude of her to be so blunt with the no.  You should probably discuss what sort of shower she wants to plan.
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