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Best Atlanta Bachelorette Parties?

Hi everyone!

I'm "New to the Knot" here! I am a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding in April, and am curious about the best spots in ATL for bachelorette parties!  The general plan is to get a hotel, do either a strip tease or pole dancing class or an adult toy party, have a lingerie shower, then get glammed up and go out to dinner, get drinks, scavenger hunt, etc. No strip clubs though.

What are your experiences in Atlanta with bachelorette parties? Any recommendations on hotels/restaurants/bars/clubs that do something special for brides-to-be?

Does anyone have a referral for either a private strip tease/pole dancing class or a dance studio that offers these? Or any referrals for the adult toy party? any companies to contact? 

What's the best size group of girls to invite?

Any additional game ideas or party ideas would be great too! Wink

Thanks so much in advance!

Thanks for your kind & courteous response! Best wishes for your wedding, too! :)

Re: Best Atlanta Bachelorette Parties?

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    This is an international board, so for local recommendations, you'll want to post on the Atlanta board.  On the left side, click on Local Wedding Boards and find the GA one.  Good luck!
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