Pre-wedding Parties

bachelorette parties in san antonio or austin?

has any one had a bachlorette party in san antonio? i think it would be cool but don't know anyone who has had one there. i threw one for my maid of honor when she got married in austin and i have been to alot in austin but i want something different but still fun. the only reason what got me thinking was that my future sis in law texted me and said that she has the whole thing planned and i told her that it wasn't her job... blah blah blah but my moh said that she doesn't mind her help. anyways my future sil said she wants it in austin bc it would be fun and there is plenty to do. my only thing is i have a feeling that she is planning a bach. party to what she wants bc she never had one bc she was preg. when she got married. i just have a really big feeling that this whole party is going to be about her and what she wants to do and plan it to what she would have wanted since she didn't have one. i promise i'm not selfish and don't want it all on me but just venting. anyways, bach. parties in san antonio anyone?
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